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To dream of an illness signifies despair, objectionable adjustment, and an emotional collapse. The illness may be a way out of your incompetence in coping with a situation. On a more direct note, a dream about being sick may predict actual health concerns. Pay attention to the ill body part involved in your dream.

Nervous Breakdown  No comments yet

To dream about a nervous breakdown indicates loose footing in your relationship or life. You are looking for increased transparency and further understanding about circumstances of a given condition. The dream likewise suggests challenges in putting your feet down on judgments and opinions.

Affliction  No comments yet

To dream that you are enduring an affliction of some kind denotes a potential catastrophe heading your way.

To dream that an affliction affects others, you will be enveloped by bad fortune and possible anguish.

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To dream that you have a disease suggests that you may come down with an illness. Your dreams, on occasion, can spot a virus or other infiltrator prior to you showing symptoms.

To dream that your disease is incurable indicates that you will soon be out of a relationship and be pleased by this.

Medicine  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are giving medicine to others indicates that you are planning to betray someone close to you.

To dream that you are taking medicine symbolizes inner revitalization. You will prevail over your hardships and obstacles.

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To dream of a quack doctor is an indication that your doctor in waking life may not be as qualified as you believe him or her to be. Be sure to carefully review credentials and licensing information prior to any treatment plan. In general, the quack doctor may be seen as a reminder that people are not always what they claim to be.

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To catch a virus in a dream represents spiritual or emotional contamination. You may be feeling vulnerable to the negative influence of others.
To dream of catching a computer virus symbolizes a lack of control in a part of your life, particularly at work.

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Dreaming of acupuncture may indicate that you're currently under a lot of stress, and the mental pressure of a certain situation is manifesting itself in physical pain. The acupuncture needles themselves symbolizes these pressures, while at the same time providing relief because it may be the start of a healing process.

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