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To dream that you are wearing eyeglasses when you don't normally wear eyeglasses indicates that you should pause to gain more clarity about a certain circumstance. You may have had a situation where your ideas or opinions did not mesh with someone else and you both need to take some time to review it all.

To dream about broken eyeglasses suggests that you cannot see clearly or that something is blocking your 'view.' The truth is not coming through well enough.

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To dream that you are reading signifies that you lack sufficient information to make a proper decision. You should perform due diligence, try different perspectives, and properly analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

To dream of somebody reading incoherently symbolizes distress and disappointment.

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Noticing blinkers in a dream indicates your need to know where you are going in life. Consider your current situation - it may be that you are at a turning point in your life, or that you simply wish to have a plan set out for your future. Whatever the case, blinkers mean you need to focus on your path and try to plan ahead.

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