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To see or dream that you are on a couch implies that you are enjoying leisure or are in a state of lethargy or monotony. Perhaps you have too much stress or too many issues on your mind. If you are on the couch with someone else, this may indicate intimate feelings that you may harbor for that person.

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To dream of a hammock indicates that you should spend more time relaxing and enjoying everyday activities.

To dream that you are lying in a hammock suggests that you could be driving people away from you.

To dream that you fell off a hammock indicates that you are taking those around you, both friends and family, for granted.

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To dream of an occupied rocking chair signifies peace and content from an amicable social environment.

To see an empty rocking chair portends sadness and separation.

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*See Couch.

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To dream of being crowded in a room with too much furniture implies a cluttered mind that is starting to cause anxiety and dysfunction.

Dreaming of shopping for new furniture indicates the capacity for healthy financial decision-making based on a solid foundation.

To dream of continuously throwing out the same piece of furniture only to find it back inside your house suggests the need to rid yourself of a worrying doubt or fear. There is an indication of unconsciously holding on to a sabotaging thought.

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*Please see Television.

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