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To dream of washing yourself and keeping yourself neat and clean indicates how proud you are of your circle of friends and the esteem in which they hold you. Your personal life is going well and you may soon receive some recognition for your labor. Conversely, if you have recently experienced a traumatic or otherwise difficult event, washing yourself may be symbolic of cleansing yourself of the event.

To wash your feet is an indication that you may soon make a career change. Your new position will offer you the opportunity to grow personally and financially.

To wash your car is a good omen. An illness or trying situation will soon right itself.

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To dream of a washbowl is an indication that you will soon have a new pastime, hobby, or friend that will bring much peace and happiness to your life. It will become your favorite way to pass the time.

If you are washing from a washbowl, be aware that you may soon become overwhelmed with emotions and feelings for someone in your waking life.

A broken washbowl is an indication that you derive pleasure from hurting those around you. Be careful, you may soon find yourself alone.

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The washboard is symbolic of embarrassment. Some event in your waking life has caused you great distress and embarrassment. Because of this, you are exhausted, physically and emotionally. If the washboard itself is broken, your life, once viewed as so exciting, has become too much for you, too fast. It has brought you nothing but disgrace. You need to slow down.

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A washer woman is a symbol of personal indiscretions. You have wronged a spouse, committed adultery, or otherwise deemed your love.

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To dream of a washing machine indicates the importance of taking careful inventory of your past problems. One or more of them may not be resolved. Take action to clear them up so that you may move forward.

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To dream of being acquitted of a crime, a lawsuit regarding gaining property could be threatened. If you are witness to others being acquitted, your friends will manage to harmonize your diligent efforts at work with enjoyment and fun.

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To dream of your hands says a lot about your current mood and emotion, but in particular it shows how you are connected with others and how you impact the world.

The right hand represents strength and activity; it shows the human masculine side. The left hand represents the gentle side with generosity and femininity.

In a dream you might see yourself holding hands with someone - this reflects your attachment to that person and the will to keep them close to you at all times. Dreaming of bleeding or injured hands represents a blow to your pride. Alternatively, if you dream of clasped or closed hands, it shows unity and acceptance of the current situation. It may also mean stubbornness and unwillingness to help.

To dream of having oversized hands shows success and ability to reach goals. To dream of having hairy and rough hands shows aggressiveness and lack of tenderness.

To dream of a bloody hand implies guilty feelings over a wrong doing, which may haunt you for quite a while.

To dream of cleaning your hands in flowing water indicates worries that you wish to wash away. This is a desire to cleanse yourself from your responsibility for a given issue.

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To dream of a peacock symbolizes spring, birth, and growth. It is a good premonition that forecasts fame, victory, and satisfaction in your career. On the other hand, it may also be indicating your assurance and egotism.

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To dream of shampoo represents the requirement for a more innovative and unique perception. Perhaps you need to handle certain circumstances or friendships in a different way. It may also mean that you have a desire to change your personality or character and reflect a more positive impression on others.

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To dream of soap implies that you have a desire to forget painful feelings or recollections from your past. You may feel remorseful about something you have said or done, and feel the need to admit your wrongdoing. This transgression makes you feel filthy and so you want to cleanse yourself.

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To dream that you are being splashed by water implies that you should learn to openly communicate your feelings and emotions. You need to take a fresh approach to a situation or issue.

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To dream of seeing or using a towel means that you need to deal with your feelings and try to be objective and rational to move ahead in life. Alternatively, this dream may signify completion of a project or a new beginning.

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To dream that you are veneering an object indicates the less than honest way you are currently treating those who surround you.

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To dream of your own physical weakness is an indication that you feel unable to stand up for yourself in your waking life. You feel inadequate. Learn to have a backbone in your dealings with others.

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To dream of a wreck symbolizes barriers and obstacles that stand between you and your goals. You may feel that you are not making any progress and are being held back. Consider what obstacles are present in your waking life.