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To dream that you see your image in a mirror indicates self-image. The reflection in the mirror is how you see yourself and you project yourself to be in the presence of others. Perhaps you want to highlight your strengths and alter some aspects you least appreciate in yourself. A broken, chipped, or cracked mirror symbolizes a poor or unpleasant self-image. This may also insinuate a need to break old habits and ways.

To dream that you are looking through a two-way mirror refers to an awareness of pressing personal or worldly issues. The image you see in the two-way mirror relates to your psyche and unconscious. Seeing images through the mirror is a subtle reminder to deal with issues lingering in your mind. Mirrors stands for the imagination and connection between the conscious and unconscious.

Being watched through a two-way mirror signifies a sense of thorough inspection that you feel you are being criticized and judged by other people. Alternatively, you may be guarding or refusing to admit prevalent thoughts and emotions.

To break a mirror in your dream similarly indicates that you are shattering an old image of yourself. You may be burying an old habit. Breaking a mirror signifies a bad omen and further suggests it corresponds to seven years of misfortune.

To see a foggy mirror indicates the lack of a clear personality. You are going through life without a concrete sense of purpose and direction.


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