Dream Dictionary » G » Glass


To dream about glass represents tranquility or safety. You could be building a wall around you so that you don't get hurt in a relationship or other situation.

To dream that you are drinking from a glass foretells good fortune.

To dream that you are looking through glass indicates your willingness to listen and not take things too personally. You could also be building an invisible wall around you to protect yourself.

To dream about broken glass represents a transformation in your life. You may discover that a situation will end suddenly.

To dream about eating broken glass indicates your susceptibility to injury as well as your weakness. You could have trouble expressing yourself and continue to say the wrong things. This dream may also represent your damaging words to someone else. You could also have been hurt by something someone else said to you. You may need to use more care when choosing the right words to say so that you don't give offense to someone else.


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