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To dream of a road represents life goals and direction.

To see a zigzag, curvy, or bumpy road in your dream symbolizes a similar life path ahead, particularly of a life journey filled with hurdles and setbacks. You may bump into sudden challenges down the road.

To dream of a dark road suggests gloomy and even frightening decisions you might make.

To dream of seeing a smooth road bordered by lush green and flowers embodies consistent improvement and a steady progression up the social ladder. If the road is straight and narrow, then it denotes a well-crafted strategic plan.

To dream of seeing an unknown road foretells struggles with a new endeavor. Perhaps the task at hand will bring more frustration than satisfaction. It may turn out to be a waste of time.

To dream that a threatening creature is on a road symbolizes an antagonistic situation or person you face in your waking life. It is an obstacle that you need to conquer despite the difficulties presented.

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To dream that you are climbing a hill reflects dangers and struggles. If you manage to reach the hill in your dream, then you will overcome life hardships. Your dream should be a motivation to push yourself and reach for your goals.

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To dream of a roadblock denotes challenges in your career or personal life. You can still increase your level of determination in trying to conquer the obstacles that come your way.

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To dream of road signs corresponds to counsel and messages that your unconscious is trying to impart. Consider the etire text of the road sign and how its message applies to certain aspects of your daily life.

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To dream that you have become lost or that your way has become unclear, is a warning to be careful. Your waking life affairs may fall to ruin.

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Dreaming of a car is often a representative of personal aspects and characteristics.
It can also represent spiritual direction and presence of strong motivation. For example, to dream about driving a car indicates your will to succeed, your determination, and your talents for moving from one aspect of your life to a different one. Try to recall how bumpy or comfortable the ride in this car was. It also depends whether you are the driver or just along for the ride. This will represent your role in life as either a participant or an observer. If you are in the backseat, this represents your low self-image and that you are allowing those around you to take control of your direction. You need to evaluate your self-esteem issues. This dream represents the level at which you are dependent upon others and the amount of direction you maintain within your own life.

If you dream about being in a car crash, it indicates worry about failing something, while a crashed car catching a fire denotes new pressure and anxiety.

If you're in a car being driven recklessly whether you are the driver or passenger, it indicates a lack of responsibility or afraid of engaging on something.

To dream that your car is stolen suggests that your personality is being taken away from you. This could be related to a loss of employment, relationship, or another circumstance in which your sense of self plays a role. If your car is overheating, you may be spending too much effort and should take it easy or risk burning out. You could be accepting too much responsibility and this will lend itself to destruction.

To dream about being in a parked car represents that you should focus your energies on some other aspect of your life. Your current situation may be fruitless. Also, a parked car may indicate that you should slow down and take a moment to savor life. If you cannot find your parked car, then this suggests that you are lost in life and need to find direction.

To dream of going reverse indicates a development of falling back into old habits and behavior, or turnaround of a decision.

To dream that you are nearly hit by a car represents that your ambitions in life may not be in line with others' ambitions. You could have also experienced a wounded ego or traumatic situation.

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To dream of driving a Jeep indicates a willingness to take a risky shortcut in order to cover all bases in a current situation.

Driving with another over rocky terrain suggests a possible meeting with a determined person. There is an unconscious message to keep your focus in a current situation and to be wary of getting too far ahead of yourself.

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To dream of a winding lane suggests an important undertaking or short journey. Note the surroundings and how they make you feel.

To come to a fork in the lane implies an important decision is about to be made in your life.

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To dream of rocks may be associated with the enduring quality and stability as in the expression, 'solid as a rock.'

It may also signify making changes in your life to establish solid ground as you continue to build up and work on the attainment of your goals. On the other hand, rocks also mean conflict, sorrow, and being headstrong.

To dream of scaling a steep rock suggests hardship, difficulties, and fear of failure.

*See Stones

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To dream of a valley indicates your life will soon see change. These changes will bring with them much needed happiness and peace of mind.

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To dream of a zigzag may indicate a feeling of indecision or out-of-character behavior. Conversely, it may represent a defensive feeling about a particular issue you are currently facing.

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To dream about a canyon indicates your subconsciousness and suppressed or disguised emotions. This could indicate intuition or feelings and relationships that you were unaware existed within your own life.

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To dream of the gutter represents humiliation and misery.

To find articles of value in the gutter implies that others will be interrogating you about your entitlement to specific items or possessions.

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Dreaming that you are departing or saying goodbye implies an emotional release. You may be in the process of gifting yourself with some time off from work or family obligations. To be watching another depart with no emotion shows an acceptance of the ebb and flow of life and brings with it the gift of change and joy. To be crying as you depart or witness departure symbolizes a need for some meditation on acceptance in order to open the doorway for happiness.