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Billiards  No comments yet

To dream about playing billiards shows how much you love to compete. At the same time, you need to exhibit more decorum, whether winning or losing. It can also mean that you must work harder on resolving some dilemma.

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To see a blueprint in your dream suggests that there is an urgent need to over-analyze a situation or issue. You may be experiencing a personal transformation. You are trying to be more open-minded and accepting of other opinions.

Hopscotch  No comments yet

To dream of playing hopscotch indicates a childlike restlessness and foolishness that is no longer acceptable for an adult.

Jump Rope  No comments yet

To dream that you are jumping rope implies that your various travels and exploits will come as a shock to your friends.

To dream that you are jumping rope with children signifies that you are full of yourself and unconcerned about other people.

Nail File  No comments yet

To dream of a nail file suggests there is work to be done before you can move forward in a situation where presentation is required.

To dream of filing down long nails indicates that attention to detail is necessary.

To be filing already too short fingernails shows a neurotic tendency to continue projects long after they are satisfactorily complete and ready to present.

Backgammon  No comments yet

To dream about a backgammon game means that you can expect an unwanted visitor soon.

To dream that you are losing at backgammon is a symbol of adversity and ill-fated romance. You are looking for the wrong kind of lover.

Pool Table  No comments yet

To dream of a pool table signifies your need to be more cooperative. You have to learn how to work in harmony with others.

Road Signs  No comments yet

To dream of road signs corresponds to counsel and messages that your unconscious is trying to impart. Consider the etire text of the road sign and how its message applies to certain aspects of your daily life.

Volleyball  No comments yet

To dream that you are playing a game of volleyball is indicative of the difficult time you have when making decisions. You tend to 'volley' back and forth from one decision to the next.

Conversely, a volleyball game can be viewed as a reminder of the true value of teamwork. Instead of taking on large projects yourself, learn to surround yourself with a team of players; you will see more success at your endeavors.

Chalkboard  No comments yet

To dream of a chalkboard symbolizes problems you may have encountered during your childhood and youth. Pay attention to the message that is being conveyed here. Perhaps you need to prove yourself worthy or capable of handling a certain issue or situation. Take note of any words that are present on the chalkboard. This dream may also represent obligations or responsibilities that are in arrears.