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A hard drive in a dream represents memory. To dream of searching a hard drive implies a yearning for your past, as if sifting through old memories to find something which was once important but has been lost. Dreams of a crashed hard drive may represent fear of failure due to a lack of experience. To dream of an unexpected hard drive failure implies that you are feeling overwhelmed by something which is out of your control.

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To dream of seeing ink signifies creative vision and ingenuity. Spilled ink in your dream symbolizes difficulties and setbacks in your life.

To see bottles of ink indicates that a resolution to your problem will present itself and become evident.

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To dream of an inscription signifies unconscious thoughts and feelings. It would be worthwhile to remember what the inscription is and where it is written.

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To dream of the law indicates a need for rigidity and structure in your life. You may be struggling with a decision and desire outside guidance to make the right choice.

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To dream of receiving mail indicates that a message is coming your way; possibly news long hoped for.

To be sending mail suggests you have the solution to another person's problem. Although it is usually wise to wait until you are asked for advice, this time it could be beneficial to come forward with your information.

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To dream that you are writing a manuscript implies that you doubt your ability to achieve your goals in life.

To dream that your manuscript is rejected by a publisher indicates that you will enter into a brief period of despair and anguish. You will be able to jump these hurdles and reach your goals.

To dream that a manuscript is on fire suggests that you will prosper and gain status through your dedication and drive.

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Dreaming about markers symbolizes a need to be remembered. A dream of markers often refers to the phrase, "make your mark". You wish to have your creative output expressed and recognized.

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To dream that you are a newspaper reporter predicts numerous travels in your future. These travels will be coupled with gains and honor.

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To dream of a pen symbolizes self-expression and communication. Also bear in mind the famous slogan, 'the pen is mightier than the sword.'

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To dream of watching pornography suggests your concern for control, vigor, potency, and staying power in a sexual relationship. You may have doubts about your sexual performance, or you fear exposure of your inadequacies.

To dream you are in a pornographic film indicates a desire for more exciting or extraordinary sexual experiences. It implies lust and wish fulfillment.