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To dream of a yearbook is clearly indicative of achievements yet to be made in life. A memory may surface that can guide you in making a work choice beneficial for yourself and your family.

Conversely, it may be time to forgive yourself for a past occurrence. This forgiveness can also lead you to achieve a previously-held ambition.

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To dream of a long wide hallway may indicate upcoming travel to an unfamiliar place. A dance hall suggests a new activity that you may find yourself enjoying more than you had anticipated. A hall with many doors implies life choices; make a note of colors and doors, as this may aid you in making the appropriate decision in coming days.

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To dream of balancing means you are in need of centering around a situation. Look at your waking life for indications that you are out of balance on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane. Look into ways of bringing grace and ease into your life especially around the situation indicated within your dream.

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Dreaming of carpet may signal a comfortable time in your waking life; note the color, texture or sentimental references of the carpet within the dream for clues to the unconscious messages here. To dream that you are sweeping a pile of dirt or dust under the carpet suggests the likelihood of family secrets and denial.

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A helix in a dream represents conflicting emotions. You may feel torn about a decision ahead of you, and you are wishing for a compromise which seems impossible to achieve. Alternatively, a helix in a dream may represent a stable balance of two opposites.
A helix can indicate harmony and resonance, an appreciation for the necessity of difference. You may have finally realized it is not necessary to choose.

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In a dream, a marathon refers to your race through life. This journey may be a struggle or it might be an inspiration for you. You may feel like a champion in your dream because you are looking forward to winning a promotion at work or completing a big project. It symbolizes your fight to achieve your goals.

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A dream of yourself involved in the film winning the Academy Awards or Oscars, can be seen as a direct manifestation of your goals in the movies or other related entertainment fields.
Dreaming of the Academy Awards when you have no professional link to the industry indicates the desire to be successful, liked, and recognized for your achievements.

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A dream about seeing an airplane ticket is symbolic of your subconscious desire to escape or get away as far as possible from a place or situation. It could be as harmless as needing a well-deserved break from hard work, but it may very well imply that you have found yourself involved in potentially negative circumstances that are beyond your control. Use your dream as a guide and try to determine which best applies to you and go from there.

Furthermore, an airplane ticket in a positive dream scenario symbolizes a sense of adventure and desire for exploration. However, you do not necessarily need to physically go someplace else. The places in your dreams already exist within your own mind. This is a cue to start trying new hobbies and to see new experience as an exciting opportunity to learn something and grow as an individual.

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You dream of the big test and something terrible happens - you've forgotten your calculator, you can't find a pencil, or your mind is blank. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Dreams of tests and exams are very common because our lives are full of tests in many forms. When we are young and still in school, tests are still the greatest measure of your success.

Dreams of a test which occur leading up to an actual test in school refer to our anxieties about performance. You study and study but until the test is actually over, you won't know if it was a success or your studies had paid off. This kind of absolutist thought leads to great insecurity. It would be better to relax and reflect upon previous success and remember that a single test is not the same as an accumulation of success over a lifetime. Everyone makes mistakes at some point of time.
When there is not a true test coming up in your waking life but you are having test anxiety dreams, this may occur because you are associating stress in your daily life with the same feeling of stress that you had as a child in school. It is likely that you are feeling judged at work or at home. Perhaps this judgement is actually coming from within yourself.
Many test dreams focus on time. You might arrive too late to the exam, or suddenly run out of time, or are caught staring at the clock and time just flies by. This symbolizes our fear of time, and particularly an anxiety that we can never have enough time to prepare completely for life. Life is a process, and there are thousands of hours that could be put into studying various subjects or activities. We can never become experts in everything and we all have an inner fear that we will not accomplish everything we would like before we die. It is important to remember that we are all in the same boat, and that other people actually understand this as well.
Sometimes we have the highest ambitions for ourselves, and much higher expectations for ourselves than others. Most people who have test dreams are actually driven by a strong desire to succeed, and it is unlikely that you will not meet that success.

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To see glitter in your dream represents enhanced beauty, magic, fairies and the wonder of childhood. To see this symbol reminds you that magic and beauty are all around you and nothing compares to the innocence of wonder in the eyes of a child playing with magical glitter. Connect to this sense of wonder and belief in magic from the childhood.