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To dream of a watch is a symbol that you are too caught up in structure. Control, rules, and laws rule your day. You are unable to relax and let go.

If you dream of a broken watch, consider your inner feelings. Are you feeling conflicted about a person or situation in your waking life? Are you unclear as to how to handle it? Be careful that you do not stagnate, you must always move forward.

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If you dream that you are watching an event could be a representation that you are unable to move forward. It may also mean that your feelings towards an event in your waking life are ambivalent. You do not care about the outcome.

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To dream of an album indicates that you are encompassed by genuine friends.

To dream that you are browsing through a picture album could mean that you cannot release memories from your past. You are living in your past.

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To dream of an almanac means an uncertain future and temporary enjoyment.

Seeing an almanac in a dream means an uncertain future and temporary enjoyment.

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To dream that you are going to an appointment indicates that you need to set more objectives in your life. You are not being stimulated enough. To dream that you miss an appointment implies that you are focusing too much on the end result and should stop and concentrate on the small things around you.

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To see an army in your dream indicates that you are facing overwhelming obstacles and don't believe you are capable of victory.

To dream of joining the army implies that you harbor feelings of arrogance. You believe that you possess more efficient skills and talents than others.

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To dream about astrology implies that you are apprehensive about upcoming events. You need to pay very close attention to what is being communicated to you and determine what influence it will have on your life.

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To dream that you are at an audition suggests that you are uncomfortable with showing others your feelings and emotions. You hold the notion that you are being unfairly scrutinized and assessed. If you pay attention to the actions and words of the spectators, this can help you determine their perceptions of you.

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To dream about a bakery is a sign of affluence and achievement, as well as very prosperous days to come.

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To dream that something is boiling symbolizes a drastic change or the surrender of something of value and importance. It is necessary to thoroughly examine a situation or issue. To dream that water is boiling indicates that you are struggling with inner turbulence. It may also indicate that you are now willing to confront difficult emotions that you have kept suppressed.