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To dream about being in a dungeon indicates that you will rise above roadblocks in life through your intelligence and perseverance.

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To dream that you are a hostage indicates being trapped in situations or relationships that make you feel completely helpless. It often results from being torn between your expression of love and fear of being taken for granted.

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To dream of filled jugs signifies a joyful gathering of friends.

To see empty jugs in your dream portends a rift between you and your friends that is your fault.

To see broken jugs in your dream signifies poor health and professional failures.

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To dream of a lock indicates failure to assert yourself. This keeps you locked out and left behind. It mirrors a part of your personality that you don't want discovered or have difficulty expressing.

To dream that a lock is accidentally placed around your wrist means you are uncertain if it is prudent to openly express your thoughts and feelings. You feel that doing this would be a great risk.

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To dream that you are locked out speaks of your feelings about being left out and unaccepted by your peers. This mirrors your inability to effectively channel your feelings and emotions. Think of which aspect of your waking life makes you feel locked out.

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To dream of a warden implies a jailing of some sort in your waking life. Emotionally, you may be feeling imprisoned by your inability to defend yourself in a situation. Somebody may be taking advantage of your weaknesses to their own gain. The best possible result will come from you gaining strength and courage from within before making any sudden moves.

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To dream of being held captive by somebody indicates a psychic imbalance that may be causing emotional powerlessness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses may help in a current crisis. Dreaming of holding another captive is a reminder from your unconscious that you have no true control over others and letting go feels better for everyone.

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To dream of seeing yourself in a gas chamber indicates you are feeling trapped in your life or feel you are in a negative situation that is important to leave or get away from it.