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To dream of a parrot indicates there are rumors swirling about you. It may also suggest that people are ridiculing you, or that you are involved with monotonous acts. On the other hand, the parrot can represent a strange or detestable person.

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To dream of an echo indicates your desire to do the same things over and over in order for those around you to accept and understand you. Pay attention to what is being echoed in your dream. You are anticipating some action from others about what you have said or done. This dream represents the spirit.

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To see a parakeet signifies lack of creativity and innovation. You should try not to be bound by established customs and traditions. Go for something original.

Parakeets in a dream also symbolize immaturity and the inability to rely on oneself.

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To dream of a quote suggests that the words may have a strong metaphorical meaning to you. Pay attention to the words and try to decipher an alternative meaning beyond the traditional interpretation.
To dream that you are quoted indicates that you desire success and to spread your ideas to others.

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