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To dream about savings indicates your desire to build security and stability in preparation for the future.
To dream that you have lost your savings symbolizes stress over money.

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In a dream a savings bond symbolizes commitment. A savings bond represents a long wait for a reward thus your dream may be trying to tell you to stay focused on your goals even when they may seem far off.

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When you dream of receiving an allowance, it symbolizes a loss of independence or self-control.
Alternatively, dreaming of an allowance suggests the recognition you hope to receive for a recent achievement.

Beg  No comments yet

To beg in a dream symbolizes your desperation in a manner that anxiety develops due to money or your financial problem. You may be in a situation where you would rather not ask friends or family for monetary help.
Being approached by a beggar in your dream is your unconscious mind telling you to appreciate and be gratified with your current given situations because any of those situations could have been worse.

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Placing a bet or betting in a dream means the decision you have made recently has an unfavorable outcome. This dream in general is a warning telling you to be more careful about situation you're having and avoid coming into quick conclusion.

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If you see a billionaire or a billion dollar sign in your dream, it can be one of two things: simple wish fulfillment or a symbol of power. If you do not consider yourself wealthy in waking life, this dream is an indication that you search for power and what money means to you in life, or you may be simply wishing for financial freedom and be able to buy anything you want.

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If you borrow something especially money in a dream, it means you're desperate and in need of help in your waking life. Although you may actually borrow something in the dream, it usually means the opposite which is that you are unlikely to ask for it in waking life.
Alternatively, to dream of borrowing something trivial like clothes or shoes, it represents friendship and bonding.

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Dreaming that you are managing a budget symbolizes something that you need to put a limit on in your life. This could be money, but it could also be referring to your emotions, eating, or anything you may be doing in excess. Something in your life needs a 'budget', and your dream is guiding you that it will help in greater happiness and healthier later in life.