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To dream that you went on a trip denotes that something in your waking life is not in order. Things may be a bit problematic these days for you.

To dream that you are going on a trip suggests that you crave a break from the usual, perhaps a change in scenery. You are burned-out from working too much, so much so that your unconscious is seeking time off for play and recreation.

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To dream that you are holding or using a video camera is an indication that you often make poor decisions. You often rely on your emotions rather than cold, hard facts. Consider using your wisdom, not your heart, when faced with a decision.

To dream that someone else is holding or using a video camera is sign that you have been spending time thinking about your past. You may simply be enjoying happy memories, or you may be using your past experiences in more constructive manner as you attempt to learn from past mistakes.

Ex Boyfriend  4 commented on this dream

To dream about an ex-boyfriend from your youth indicates that you are currently involved in a more relaxed relationship. This dream guides you to a period in your life when your adult responsibilities were not important and wouldn't get in the way of love. You might be required to grab onto the feelings of youth that are missing from your current situations.

To dream that your ex-boyfriend is offering you opinions about a current boyfriend indicates that you will be less likely to make the same mistakes you did in a previous relationship.

To dream that you are getting a massage from an ex-boyfriend indicates that you should let go of some of the barriers that you have constructed. Putting faith in others is difficult but necessary for your well-being.

To dream that your ex-boyfriend gave you a stuffed animal indicates that you are looking for comfort and attention within your current relationship. This doesn't mean that you want your ex-boyfriend back, but this dream may indicate an aspect of the relationship you had with your ex-boyfriend that wasn't mature or fulfilling.

High School  1 commented on this dream

High school represents a turning point in life. It is a time when one meets lifetime friends, commits silly mistakes, and shared hopes and dreams. A mixture of emotions, expectations, and memories gushes out from the thought of high school.

To dream about high school refers to lessons learned and preparations made for life.

Dreaming of high school likewise brings to mind your parents' expectations from you. To fail high school indicates doubt in your abilities or accomplishments in your life, based on previous failure or insecurities you had in high school.

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To dream that you are snorkeling indicates that you are searching for understanding regarding certain feelings that you harbor. It also implies that you want to take lessons from your past and change your perceptions in order to avoid making similar mistakes.

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To play a videotape in a dream is to review your life. It may be time to take a moment and reflect upon past experiences and resolve old grudges or rekindle old dreams.
To rewind a videotape in a dream represents regret over past mistakes.

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To dream of being in a quagmire symbolizes your failures in fulfilling your obligations in life.

To see others situated in a quagmire connotes the danger of being trapped or falling alongside other people. This may be caused by their mistakes.

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To dream that your real life is depicted in a cartoon world signifies that you are perceiving the world in a comical and unserious manner. This dream may also serve as an escape from the stressful realities of your life. It is your way of obtaining moments of lightheartedness and fun. Additionally, you may need to learn to laugh at yourself and at your mistakes.

To dream that you are watching cartoons indicates that you are not taking life seriously.

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To dream of manure implies that you have gained knowledge from prior mistakes. This knowledge is proving to be beneficial in dealing with an issue you are now facing.

Pigeon  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a pigeon hints of your tendency to blame yourself for mistakes committed by other people. Pigeons are also closely linked to rumor or news. You might be yearning to come back home.

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A dream about a hose points to the act of cleaning and renewal. It suggests a washing away of mistakes and sins, thereby giving a fresh opportunity to grow as a better person.
On the other hand, to dream of a hose may be treated as a metaphor for sex.