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To dream that you are in a market implies that there is a void in your life that you are looking to fill. Perhaps you require guidance or satisfaction. Pay attention to exactly what you are purchasing. This market can also represent your practicality when it comes to financial matters.

To see a barren market in your dream denotes hard times and anguish. There is something missing in your life.

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Dreaming about markers symbolizes a need to be remembered. A dream of markers often refers to the phrase, "make your mark". You wish to have your creative output expressed and recognized.

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To dream about seeing or showing a badge means that you are proud of your achievements and have high self-esteem.

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To dream that you have fame indicates that you have not done the things you once wanted. You have a desire to be respected by the people that surround you.

To dream about a famous person suggests that your distinguished position will be recognized.

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To dream that you are putting labels on items implies that your life is in disarray and you need to find stability. It may also mean that you too hastily form judgements and express these incorrect ideas to others.

To see or read labels in your dream indicates that an adversary has gained knowledge of personal information because you have let down your guard.

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To dream of an Ouija board bodes of failure in a relationship or state of affairs. It may also indicate successive disappointment in what you have planned.

Dreaming of a non-functioning Ouija board embodies difficulties caused by prioritizing pleasures over work and goals.

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To dream of seeing or listening to a recording suggests looking into both sides of a situation. You need to be in synch with your instincts and allow it to lead you in some decisions. It may also mean you need time for enjoyment and pleasures.

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To dream of a scar indicates that you are holding on to residual memories that are too agonizing and difficult to forget. You may still be affected by an event or experience from earlier years. In addition, a scar may symbolize hidden doubts that are preventing you from achieving a long-desired ambition.

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To dream that you are selling something indicates that you are facing important transformations in your life and determining your attitudes are towards these transformations. You may be holding onto something that your tenacity refuses to dispose of.

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To dream of seeing a sign implies that you are in need of some kind of support. You require someone to help you take control and lead you down the right path. Make great efforts to decode the message of the sign and what it is suggesting you to do.

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To dream of your signature indicates that you have given your consent to something. You are accepting accountability and are in complete control of a situation. It may also mean that you will give your authorization to someone.

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To dream that you or someone has stigmata reflects the hardships you have experienced or the compromises you have made in your life. These wounds will heal as you move on. It also represents the determination you possess when you express your opinions and principals.