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To dream about a music band symbolizes feelings of acceptance and togetherness. It could also involve a pun about 'banding together.'

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Dreaming of being confronted by a bandit or pack of bandits suggests a weakness in your spirit that needs to be addressed; possibly an aspect of your own personality requires facing up to, as you may have been sabotaging yourself without realizing it.

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To dream of wearing a bandana across your face implies a fear of saying something that might give yourself away. You may feel as though you are in the wrong or inadequate in some way but that if you are careful about the things you say, no one ever needs to know who you truly are. Energy doesn't lie however, and a dream of a bandana is letting you know that you might as well be true as people will respond to your energy regardless of what you say or do.
Alternatively, dreaming of wearing a bandana as a type of head dress indicates a desire to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

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To dream that you are marching to the beat of music suggests that you work well with others to accomplish goals. It also indicates that you may want to serve your country and display your patriotism. Perhaps you prefer to work for your city or municipal region.

To see people marching in your dream also implies that you are looking to become partners or colleagues with city or municipal officials.

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To dream about being bandaged indicates that you must restore health to your feelings. You are hiding your troubles. You can learn more by remembering what part of the body was bandaged.

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To dream of a rubber band denotes a need to be more flexible in your dealing with others. You need to stretch the way you react, imagine, or conceptualize plans.

To see a rubber band snap signifies that you are overburdened. You have overstretched yourself.

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A marching band in a dream represents your connection to others. To make a marching band harmonize takes teamwork as well as a second sense for understanding others.
To march along with the band in your dream indicates that you feel conforming to others is important in your life. You may feel great joy in your camaraderie with the group. If you feel that the band is marching you along, you may be struggling with your wish to escape conformity in your life.

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To dream that you are a gang member represents your desire to accomplish your goals through the use of force and threats.

To dream that you are confronted by a gang suggests that there are certain situations that are 'ganging up' on you and becoming more than you can handle.

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To dream of an onyx connotes spiritual and mental harmony. A dream of onyx also suggests serenity.

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To dream about the sound of a fife suggests that you will have to defend your reputation out of the blue.

To dream that you are playing a fife indicates that your good name will remain and endure.

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A dream of mass symbolizes a connection to a set of religious principles.
To dream of going to mass and feeling a great relief represents your need to desire solace in a church or a friend or family member.
Say if you have never attended a Catholic mass before except in your dream, your subconscious may be borrowing symbolism in order to construct a space in which to express spiritual curiosity.

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To wear a sash in a dream represents authority.
Someone who wears a sash in a dream may have something important to tell you.

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To dream about being a thief indicates worry that something will be lost. It's possible that you believe that you aren't entitled to what you now own. On the other hand, it could mean that you are going overboard in some way.

To dream about seeing a theft signals that other people are usurping your spirit and vigor.

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To dream of yourself weeding in a garden is symbolic of the 'weeds' in your life. Consider what is cluttering your life and preventing you from growing. Is there negativity or grudges you could release? Let go of all that is holding you back. Weeds themselves are a physical representation of neglect. Have you neglected yourself? Refused to allow yourself to grow? Perhaps you have lost a friend due to neglect.

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To dream that you are wearing a garter indicates temptation and arousal. You wish to become more sexually daring.

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To dream of floating ribbons signifies agreeable friends and buddies.

For a single person to be adorned with ribbons forewarns or a life-changing mistake. This is likely to be a marriage based on merriment.

To see others decorated with ribbons connotes possible enmity. It also refers to hindrances and troubles in finding a life partner. You may have difficulty in establishing solid and meaningful relationships.

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To dream of a wreath is a representation of enrichment and opportunity.
Conversely, to dream of a withered wreath is a representation of wounded love and illness.