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To dream of your bed symbolizes a realization of your sexual needs and desires. You are becoming aware of your needs. If you are sleeping in your own bed then it implies that you feel comfortable and at ease. You are seeking happiness and solace in your home life. If you are waking up in different and/or unknown beds then it symbolizes the end results of your choices.

To dream that you are searching for a bed signifies your struggles to accept your inner sexuality. You are bothered by restrictions and limitations that you feel have been placed on you. It may also imply that you seek comfort and bliss at home.

To dream that you are going to bed with a stranger implies that you are too trusting and accepting of others. You need to slow down and scrutinize people before allowing them access to your inner feelings.

To dream that you are floating or lifting up into the air from your bed indicates your feelings of isolation and loneliness. Perhaps your character is too forward and intense for others to handle. You should relax a bit and try not to be too pushy with your beliefs and attitudes.

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Honesty and straightforwardness is always the way to go. On the contrary, secrets and conspiracies cause stress and confusion.

To dream of hiding indicates the safeguarding of a secret or escaping or postponing a confrontation. You might end up confessing when threatened.

If you dream that someone else is hiding, it states an urgent need for security and protection. Finally, hiding from authorities illustrates guilty feelings and shame.

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To dream about being in a theater means that pleasure will come from impending friendships. Think about how what's onstage mirrors things in your daily living. See how the actors' roles relate to you. Maybe you're assuming a different guise.

To dream that you are laughing or clapping in a theater means that you want to have fun now, instead of concentrating on future success.

To dream about a fire in a theater indicates that you are gambling when taking on fresh endeavors.

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To dream about being in a bedroom symbolizes things that you keep from others. It also is representative of your carnal desires and romantic dealings.

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Dreaming of bedbugs invading your bed means either of the followings: your sleep is being interrupted, you have been unfaithful to your partner, your partner or whom you suspect has been unfaithful, or someone you dislike has been getting on your nerves recently. Bedbugs generally signify interruption of your sleep or private time in your waking life.

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To dream of noticing a strong undertow is an alert that you may be being sucked into a significant emotional drama. However, there is time to step back and not get caught up in another person's boring choices.

To dream of being caught by an undertow and being out of control implies that you may now have to accept your part in an emotional drama before finding a way to breathe and walk away.

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To dream that you are in your underwear represents a condition that has formed a loss of reverence for yourself. On the other hand, it may even represent some facet of your private life. If you feel guilty about being seen in your underwear, then the dream indicates that you have some hesitance about revealing your true viewpoints, hidden ideas/behavior, and thoughts.

To dream that someone other than you is in their underwear represents a curious and awkward situation. You may even see that person for who they really are.

To see tattered or sullied underwear represents that you aren't comfortable with yourself and may have some feelings of failure. You may even have critical and negative feelings about yourself. You may feel uneasy regarding your sexuality

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To dream of a bedspread in a dream is symbolic of your sex appeal and attractive appearance. Your sexual desires may be contained in the pattern of the bedspread.

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*See Amusement Park.

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To dream of an undertaker signifies your need to take control of the responsibilities in your life.