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To dream that you are happy is most often a recovery from an actual misery. Perhaps you are trying to run away from actual sadness or anxiety.

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To dream about doing backflips indicates that you are making special efforts to assist a person. But you might believe that no one is paying any heed.

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A dream in which you are naked symbolizes vulnerability. You are most likely worried about the judgment of others. To be naked in a dream is to expose your inner self to those around you, including your thoughts, feelings, secrets and flaws.

To be naked in public and be embarrassed in a dream indicates that you are afraid that other people can see right through your usual disguises. You have a strong sense of self-doubt, and may consider yourself to be an impostor. If you are the only one who is naked, you are afraid of being singled out as less than others. You may be concerned about your capability and skills as compared to your peers. To be the only one who is naked also indicates a worry that you do not understand the true nature of those around you. You may be afraid that the outward presentation of your friends and family, who seem to love you and care for you, actually do not. This is a sign of intense self-doubt. Nakedness also refers to our infant state, it may be your inner child which carries these doubts, stemming from bullying or abandonment as a child.

To be naked and proud in a public place indicates that you have great self-confidence. You are very comfortable with who you are and are not afraid of what other people think. You may feel that you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to feel shame, and you will not let anyone else hold you back.

In a dream where you are naked and alone, not out in public, the interpretation is similar. The way that you felt about being naked makes a big difference in the dream's meaning. To be naked, alone and distressed suggests that the vulnerability you feel is overwhelming. In this case your fear of others and intense self-doubt have led you to cut ties with the world around you. You may also be feeling abandoned or helpless, as your inner child is struggling to reconnect with others.

A dream in which you are naked, alone and calm or happy symbolizes a reconnection with your inner child. This form represents your true self. To have a dream in which you are your true self indicates that you have found balance in your life and are now able to accept yourself for who you are. This opens the possibility to begin upon a spiritual journey, to go beyond yourself.

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To dream about your father-in-law indicates happy times with companions and those in your family.

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To dream of elderberries indicates that you are happy at home with your loved ones.

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To dream that you are holding or using a video camera is an indication that you often make poor decisions. You often rely on your emotions rather than cold, hard facts. Consider using your wisdom, not your heart, when faced with a decision.

To dream that someone else is holding or using a video camera is sign that you have been spending time thinking about your past. You may simply be enjoying happy memories, or you may be using your past experiences in more constructive manner as you attempt to learn from past mistakes.

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To see or eat cotton candy in your dream symbolizes happy and pleasurable experiences from our youth. It may signify awards that you have received. This may also indicate that you are satisfied with your current position or situation.

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To dream about a hamburger indicates that you have lost some measure of yourself, whether it's emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or physical. You can't feel complete without it. You may not be happy with a circumstance or your companionship. This dream also signifies your experiences and that you should learn and grow from them. There's more than the narrow view of the world and the future. Look for it.

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To dream of your offspring stands for exuberance and happy moments.

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To dream about a telescope indicates that some issue needs to be closely examined. It could also mean that you are unsure about some event or circumstance.

To dream that you are using a telescope to observe the universe represents happy but expensive travel.

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To dream that you are showing affection for someone, you are content and happy with your present relationship. This dream could also mean that you should show more warmth to those you care about.

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Music has always been a universal language, allowing one to express all kinds of human feelings like joy, pain, and fear. To dream about musical instruments like the harmonica often refer to expressing one's emotions through those magical tunes. Since most harmonica tunes are happy and alive, dreams about them are also happy and alive You may need to have more of these types of feelings.

They also refer to living in harmony with the world.