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To dream about ducks suggests either a spiritual liberty, if they are flying, or the subconscious, if they are swimming. Being that ducks can do several things, such as walk, fly, and swim, this could be indicative of your ability to adapt to different circumstances. Also, this dream may be suggesting that you are in danger of being trampled by a colleague or friend, as in 'sitting duck.' You may also be trying to avoid a situation, as in 'ducking' it.

To dream about a white duck indicates a deception or lie.

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Seeing a duckling within a dream represents a return to your roots. Be careful not to get caught up in your past and forget to live in the present. If the duckling is swimming, it represents your forward movement away from the negative memory from your childhood.

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To dream of absconding, men should beware of deception from co-workers. For women, she should use care where she offers her attention.

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To dream about eggs signifies rebirth, productivity, and the power of your imagination. It suggests that there might be a new circumstance coming in your life.

To dream about finding a nest of eggs indicates that you may come into money. The larger and more abundant the eggs are, the more you will gain.

To dream about cracked eggs suggests that you will have to endure bad fortune and regret. This represents those aspects of life that are delicate, especially feelings that you could be hurt easily. This could also mean that you are not able to 'break out of your shell' because you don't like the person you are.

To dream of brightly colored eggs signifies a positive thing; something that will bring you joy.

To dream of rotten eggs represents loss. You are probably the reason that something went wrong or didn't turn out the way you had hoped.

To dream about fish eggs suggests a concept that you have conjured up from your subconscious.

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To dream of a pigeon hints of your tendency to blame yourself for mistakes committed by other people. Pigeons are also closely linked to rumor or news. You might be yearning to come back home.

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To dream of a pond represents your search for peace and quiet; a time for reflection of your life. On the other hand, your dream may be an indication that you are keeping guard and exercising caution in expressing your feelings. You are taking stock of your situation.

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To dream you are a redhead suggests you need to take time off for pleasure and relaxation. Make major changes, particularly in your lifestyle.

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To dream that you are the victim of a crime is an indication that there are people in your waking life that look to victimize you. You are feeling weak and hopeless when faced by those people or situations.

To dream that you yourself are victimizing others is an indication that you will soon come into a great deal of money. Unfortunately, you will receive this money through illegal or untruthful means.

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To dream that you are avoiding a person indicates that you possess some attribute or personality trait that you do not want to admit. Pay attention to the features of this person, and determine how they relate to your own features. This will help you to understand what trait you are trying to evade. This dream may also be a play on 'a void'. Perhaps there is an aspect or part of your life that feels empty or lonely.

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To dream of opening of a bottle of champagne represents fantasies and desires relating to sex. It can also indicate satisfaction and fulfillment as a result of an important accomplishment.

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To dream of a decoy suggests that you are being distracted from your life path thus suggesting a need to be strong in your choices and follow through. To dream of more than one decoy implies that you may be easily distracted and often find justification for giving up. To dream of a decoy that doesn't succeed in distracting you indicates that you have time to gather resources necessary for an exciting change.

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Dreaming of an artist's canvas indicates that there is a story that needs to be told and you could be the one to tell it. To dream of large rolls or swatches of canvas is suggesting that you may be feeling restless at this time. Dreaming of canvas flapping in the wind implies travel across the sea and fulfillment to be found on foreign shores.