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To dream of denim shows a secret desire to throw off your shackles and go 'anti-establishment' for a while. It may be time in your life to question the programming, value systems and beliefs that until now you have always felt sure of. Find out what you truly believe, as a dream of denim shows great support from your unconscious.

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To dream that you are wearing shorts implies that you are prepared to reveal your true self to others. You are willing to be honest and sincere with others. It can also represent your carefree, humorous, and mischievous side. The dream may also insinuate that can achieve much more that you think you can.

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To dream of pants implies your tendency to be ambivalent in some circumstances. Try to recall and consider the material and color of the pants as this will provided added significance to the meaning. Wearing velvet pants in your dream shows your sensual side.

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To dream of a trunk denotes days passed and the memories they carry. It might be an indication of some unresolved feelings in the past.

To see the trunk of a car suggests great travels and pleasant journey.

To see the trunk of a tree signifies your identity and personality. If it is large, this means that you are a strong, determined, and dependable person. If the trunk is thin and narrow, it means that you are a very sensitive individual.

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To dream of new blue jeans implies a well-earned reward and rest may be impending.

To dream of squeezing into jeans suggests an uncomfortable encounter with a casual acquaintance. Depending on the emotion/focus within the dream, it could possibly indicate body image issues that need to be addressed.

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To dream of trousers signifies that you will be tricked into participating in an illegal activity.

To dream that you put on your trousers the wrong way means you have a penchant for oddness and peculiarity.

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To dream that you are telling an anecdote indicates that you are satisfied with light conversations rather than those that are too in depth or those that require much investigation.

To hear an anecdote in your dream implies that you will find yourself in the company of those who are entertaining and fun.

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Quicksilver in a dream represents a quick mind.
Quicksilver may also symbolize someone who is a Gemini.

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