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Cow  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a cow implies that you are content with following instructions and not causing an argument. You tend to be submissive and meek. It may also indicate that you seek comfort and protection or you wish to nurture others. In some societies, cows are symbolic of fruitfulness, sustenance, and maternity.

To see a cow with a skeleton face implies that your relationship with your mother isn't very close and you don't share your feelings with each other. You feel as if she doesn't provide you with your needs and requirements.

To see a herd of cows means that you want to be accepted by others and be a part of a group, society, or organization.

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To dream that you or someone is a coward implies your reluctance to recognize the aspects of your personality and character. You are not allowing your talents and skills to reach their full potential.

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To see or dream that you are a cowboy represents manliness, severity, and robustness. You are capable of managing your basic primal desires as well as your intuition.

Coworker  1 commented on this dream

To dream of your coworkers reflects the way you interact with them. This could indicate any conflicts or bonds that you share with them. It represents your aspirations, hopes, efforts and tendency to debate with others. If the coworkers in your dream are not your actual coworkers, then they may symbolize an aspect of your personality that you need to alter or improve.

To dream that you are training someone to take your place implies that you are ready to begin new projects and encourage personal talents and abilities to grow. You have adopted new perspectives to replace previous ones.

*Refer to Office.

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To dream of a partner represents the need to achieve common goals by accepting assistance volunteered by other people.

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To dream you are in a rodeo suggests a need to contain, bind, and conquer your raw passion.

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To dream about issuing threats means that you need to be more emphatic.

To dream that someone is threatening you shows that you must deal with your worries about weakness.

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To dream of an UFO represents that you need to find a more devout purpose in your life. On the other hand, when you see an UFO in your dream may also point out that you are feeling separation by those around you. The dream can also be a metaphor for you having a 'dazed' or 'spacey' attitude. You may need to become a bit more realistic and come back to earth.

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To dream that you are afraid of a certain affair indicates that your family may experience difficulty or a loss of business.

If others are afraid within your dream, this indicates that a friend may be too concerned with self-interest to assist you.

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To dream that you are affrighted, be prepared that you may suffer injury due to an accident.

To witness others affrighted within your dream, a miserable and frightening situation will present itself to you.

Bully  2 commented on this dream

To dream that you are a bully means that you are usually the one in control during discussions, events, or social gatherings. It is hard for you to admit that you need someone's assistance. You want everyone to believe that you can handle all of your problems yourself.
To see a bully in your dream indicates that you are not expressing feelings of anger; instead, you are keeping these emotions bottled up inside. The bully may represent a dark side of your personality that you are trying to ignore.

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*Please see Coworker.

Horn  1 commented on this dream

To dream of horns indicates an urge to be in touch with yourself and to follow intuition. Consider the phrase, 'blowing your horns' that pertains to the act of bragging and showing off.
To dream of animal horns indicates trouble and the possibility of getting into a conflict.

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To dream of drinking milk implies prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. This is a positive dream for females.

If the milk is sour, then it indicates that a problem suffered by a close peer will cause you great stress. If it is impure, then it implies that you will be facing minor issues and obstacles.

To see milk in large quantities represents future status and prosperity

To dream of dealing in milk commercially also denotes a gain in wealth.

To give milk away reflects your compassionate and charitable nature.

To spill milk implies that a close peer will be the cause of a brief period of distress.

To dream of trying unsuccessfully to drink milk represents the chance of falling out of favor with someone you emulate. It may also mean that you will no longer have possession of some important item.

To dream of hot milk implies that you will achieve prosperity and status after minor hardships.

To dream of bathing in milk suggests that you have many close and supportive peers