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To dream that you are walking through a long corridor indicates that you find yourself in a stagnant position. You can't seem to break free from an uncomfortable routine. This corridor is the path you must follow in order to leave the past and move onto a new stage or new direction.

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To dream about a hallway represents the initial steps of a new journey. You will uncover your unknown true desires. This indicates a spiritual quest, but can also take on physical and emotional aspects as well. This is usually a sign of a changing aspect of your life.

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To dream of an aircraft landing represents a successful completion of a trip or an activity. Perhaps you felt shaken by circumstances in your life, but now have reestablished control of the situation.

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To dream of discovering hidden passageways conveys something new and/or electrifying.

It may be in reference to new opportunities, associations, or outlooks. Waking up before completing the passageway exploration implies that you may not know how to leverage these opportunities or proceed in a relationship. Perhaps the lack of familiarity caused your cautious approach. The passageways are a positive dream.

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To dream that you are in a lobby represents your plans to advertise or to make something public.

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To dream of a winding lane suggests an important undertaking or short journey. Note the surroundings and how they make you feel.

To come to a fork in the lane implies an important decision is about to be made in your life.

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Dreaming of walking up an aisle is suggesting a reminiscent and nostalgic personality, given to fanciful thoughts. The upside of this is peace and serenity, whereas the downside could be the lack of motivation. Notice who or what is on either side of the aisle for clues on how to invoke a happy medium in your life.

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