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To dream of a computer represents the expertise, knowledge, and progression of today's world. You are being offered new possibilities and options. This dream may also symbolize your desire to break free from conformity and be able to exude your own personality. You tend to follow the group without offering your ideas or suggestions. You are too passive. Perhaps you feel inferior and unimportant in your role.

To dream that your computer has a mind of its own implies that you fear being unorganized and unable to manage aspects of your life. You may feel burdened and pressured by others and unable to determine your own actions.

To dream that a computer has a virus indicates that there is some aspect of your life that you cannot dominate.

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To dream that an account is awaiting payment could indicate that you may be entwined in a lawsuit. Be careful about who you loan money to. If your dream is about you holding an account over someone else, you may face a difficult road ahead in areas of your business.

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To dream of a cable denotes your physical body and the strength you possess. Following the same vein, a broken or frayed cable indicates a weak physical body.

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To dream of a calculator indicates there is an issue or situation in your waking life that requires your careful consideration. You have several options available to you, and it is important that you carefully map out your plan. Alternatively, it may represent a particularly crafty friend.

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To dream about a mysterious figure indicates that you are surrounded by intense mental anguish.

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To dream of a keyboard may be suggesting that too much energy is being put into the internet at this time.

A dream of great joy in direct relation to a keyboard could mean that there is benefit to be found in a career connected to words or writing.

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A hard drive in a dream represents memory. To dream of searching a hard drive implies a yearning for your past, as if sifting through old memories to find something which was once important but has been lost. Dreams of a crashed hard drive may represent fear of failure due to a lack of experience. To dream of an unexpected hard drive failure implies that you are feeling overwhelmed by something which is out of your control.

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A scanner in a dream represents an exchange of information. This dream may also indicate that you are repeating the ideas of others.

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To catch a virus in a dream represents spiritual or emotional contamination. You may be feeling vulnerable to the negative influence of others.
To dream of catching a computer virus symbolizes a lack of control in a part of your life, particularly at work.

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To dream of watching a webcam represents a disconnection from a situation. You may need to gain a new perspective to solve a problem in your daily life.
To dream that you are watched on a webcam represents your desire for your thoughts and ideas to be heard.
Alternatively, to dream that you are watching yourself on a webcam may represent introspection and self-criticism.

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To dream about arithmetic literally means that you need to add more logical ways into your thinking. Be cautious by trying not to act irrationally.
Having a dream of solving a mathematical problem or equation, it is a way of telling you that there is a current problem you may be confused or having trouble with, therefore a new approach is needed.