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To dream of seeing or working with clay implies that you are a very imaginative and inventive person. It can also indicate your ability to influence or sway the opinions of others in your favor. This dream may mean that you haven't given yourself adequate objectives to strive for. It is time to organize your life and target your priorities.

In another view, clay can represent excrement or waste.

To see a clay pot in your dream is an indication of innocence, loyalty, and integrity.

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To dream of sand indicates that you are having a change of heart or your position on a certain issue has been altered. It may also mean that you need to shift your outlook to something more productive or significant.

To see wet sand in your dream signifies that your life is in a chaotic state and you need to achieve order.

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To see an airplane in your dream signifies your ability to solve problems, conquer hardships, and elevate yourself to a higher position of importance.

To dream that you transfer planes represents a significant change that is happening to you or will happen in the future. This alteration will lead you towards different objectives and goals than you were previously aiming for. You will receive respect and importance.

To dream that a plane crashes indicates that you need to reassess your strategies in order to achieve your objectives. Your current methods are not proving successful. Your targets are unrealistic and unattainable. In addition, the crashing airplane may reflect doubt that you will be able to reach your ambitions. You are hesitant and unsure of your ability to achieve success.

To dream that an airplane is hijacked indicates that bothersome emotions still linger from your childhood, youth, or earlier years.

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To dream that you are watching animation implies that you are an easy going person and you don't take life too seriously. You can take a negative situation and turn it into something positive.

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To dream about a brick signifies your personal imagination and concerns. You may have become more callous due to bad experiences.

To dream about building a brick wall represents your self-isolation, which protects you from future pain. This brick wall can belie a sensitive soul.

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To dream of mud means that you are involved in a complex and compromising situation. It is probable that you are in need of some clarity of mind.

To dream that you are walking in mud denotes that you are weighed down and frustrated by certain problems in your waking life.

To dream that your clothes have been smeared by mud signifies that your credibility is being questioned. Consider the term 'mud-slinging' to refer to some political antics.

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To dream of obvious land mines may be telling you to tread carefully around someone close to you, as they may be fragile and need quiet support rather than advice or action.

To barely miss a land mine indicates a second chance in a situation you may have thought was a lost cause.

To watch a land mine explode implies detachment from a current drama and advises you to remain detached. None of this is your business.

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Dreaming about a traditional adobe building symbolizes a natural approach to living. It may also indicate a desire for adventure and travel to ancient places.
If you dream about Adobe software, it symbolizes an inability to let go of insignificant details and to enjoy life. Go outside, look up at the sky and breathe in the fresh air.

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