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To dream that you are being chased indicates that you are steering clear of a circumstance that you feel cannot be overcome. This is generally a metaphor for a kind of insecurity. If you dream that you are being chased by an animal, your anger that you haven't displayed or acknowledged is placed within this animal. You could also be trying to escape some primitive urge or concern.

To dream that you are chasing someone indicates that you are struggling to reach a challenging goal or aspiration. You could also be showing belligerence toward others.

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To dream of being chased is commonly in response to something in your waking life that you fear. It is often an emotion of some sort. If this is the case, get up the nerve to turn and face your pursuer. What facial expression do they have? This often reads the feeling that you are trying not to acknowledge. If they look worried, perhaps you have been trying not to fret about something in your life. This dream tells you that you must embrace this concern and deal with it head on. You must worry, and you must accept.

In some rather rare dreams, your assailant can symbolize an actual person in your life. This person has made you feel insecure in one way or another, and until now, you have simply run from them; ignored them; avoided them. This dream is telling you that you can't do this anymore. This person is taking an emotional toll on you, one that you can no longer afford to tolerate. Action must be taken.

Dreams of being chased like this are often recurring nightmares. This means that the sleeping individual wakes up before the awful dream had a chance to end and reveal its secrets. The person goes on to dream it again and again usually, until the subconscious gets its point across. This is because the information is vital to that particular individual's life. Once they become brave and confront their attacker, the dream will generally cease.

If the situation is reversed and it is you who is doing the chasing, this simply means that you are going after your goals. In the dream, ask yourself, 'What am I chasing?' It could be a taxi cab, a bus or anything else for that matter. If you manage to catch it, this foretells luck in your financial and business oriented situation. In most cases however, the dreamer does not catch their target. This simply means that they feel as though they aren't good enough to attain it. They harbor feelings of ill confidence and despair. While they are typically rather intense, such dreams of pursuit are necessary for mental stability. When something is bugging you, your subconscious will tell you, whether you want to hear it or not, so try listening to it keenly always helps.

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Often, an abyss is seen as a hurdle or something to overcome. Trying to avoid slipping into an abyss means you will overpower a current situation or problem. Tumbling into an abyss, on the other hand, can be viewed as a signal to use extreme care as trouble could arise in current business situations.

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The dream of seeing a nun symbolizes purity, chastity, and compliance. It likewise suggests a reminder for you to firmly hold on to your oath and promise. It also predicts of an increase in worldly riches that will likely go against your spirituality. Dreaming of a nun may also suggest the joke or having 'none' or 'nothing.'

A woman who dreams that she is a nun hints of discontent in her present circumstance and surroundings.

The presence of a lifeless nun in your dream represents lack and desolation over the treacherous act of a loved one.

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To dream you are being punished suggests guilt or shame about something you have done. You may need to learn to forgive yourself and stop your habit of self-punishment.

To dream you are punishing another person indicates resentment towards that person. On the other hand, it may symbolize an unlikable personality trait you want to change.

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To dream that someone or something is in pursuit of you symbolizes your stance of running away from truths presented from other people.

To dream that you are in pursuit of someone or something suggests that you are chasing after authority and full control, which has eluded you thus far. You need to reassess your strengths and focus your attention on more worthwhile causes.

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To dream that you are being stalked implies that you are refusing to deal with issues in your life. These issues will not disappear if you simply choose to elude them. You must face them. If you are being stalked in real life, then this is being incorporated into your dream.

To dream that you are a stalker symbolizes a dark aspect of yourself. You are displaying sinister attributes of your personality. Perhaps you are having difficulty overcoming an addiction.

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To dream of a unicorn represents insight, trust, and high morals in a current position. It also symbolizes clarity, calmness, and control. On the other hand, it may represent your own biased views.

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To dream that you are a virgin represents your purity and innocence. It may also be a representation of your untapped potential. When a married woman has a dream in which she is still a virgin, it is an indication that she has regrets about her past decisions and is concerned about the direction her waking life has taken.

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To dream of abstaining can mean you are holding yourself back in life. Are you abstaining out of guilt, or are you practicing self-discipline? You may be missing out when you deserve to be enjoying. If you are abstaining to develop self-discipline, the dream reflects this.

There may be someone in your life that you would like more involvement with. You may feel this relationship is out of your power, but it is more likely that you are making a choice to abstain out of guilt, fear, or the unconscious knowledge that it is not right for you.

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To dream about an attorney means that you are in need of instruction and direction.

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To dream that you are chewing something implies that there is an issue or situation that you need to ponder thoroughly. You may need to organize your thoughts regarding a certain concern so that the correct solution is clear.