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To dream of the pope symbolizes your spirituality, inspiration, moral values and religious beliefs.

On the other hand, it may mean being dogmatic, self-righteous, and maintaining a holier-than-thou attitude.

Priest  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a priest spirituality, religious belief, regulations, and guidance. It signifies chastity and abstinence. You look at sexuality as immoral.

A self-righteous priest in your dream is associated with dogmatic authority and over-protectiveness.

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To dream of a puppet implies that you tolerate being controlled by some of the people in your life. You readily give in to the demands of others. You likewise feel you do not have a choice and standing up for yourself will be futile.

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To dream that an animal with rabies bites you is indicative of your inner self. You are struggling with very hostile and violent feelings. You need to come to terms with these feelings before you take action you may later regret.

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To dream of raspberries symbolizes your preference for risky yet adventurous dealings.

To dream that you are eating raspberries denotes anguish and extreme depression at being the subject of malicious gossip.

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To dream that you are registering under an alias at a hotel signifies undertaking an enterprise you do not wish to be publicly associated with. You have guilty feelings.

To dream that someone else is using your name to register at a hotel signifies your unfinished work which others will complete for you.

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To dream that you are sucking on something implies that you are lacking some inner spirituality. You are trying to avoid your obligations. You may be feeling vulnerable and unworthy. The dream may also be a play on the words 'sucking up' to someone. Perhaps you are trying to manipulate someone for your own benefit.

To dream that someone is sucking on you implies that you are exhausted and fatigued. You are not getting as much out of a relationship as you are giving.

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To dream of tallow foretells a sudden loss of wealth. You are being careless and are not paying attention to your relationships and money. Be careful, or they will soon be lost by you.

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To dream about tombs represents things about you that you have kept secret.

To dream about seeing your own tomb indicates that you are preparing to explore parts of yourself that have long been dormant.

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To dream of a torrent represents a startling dilemma.