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Candle  2 commented on this dream

To dream of a burning candle represents gradual and constant future prosperity, wealth, or happiness. You are satisfied with your position and situation. Perhaps you are searching for inner peace. Lit candles can also represent wisdom, knowledge, and honesty.

To see an unlit candle can indicate that you have fears of failure and not being accepted by your peers. You need to be trying your hardest to achieve your goals, rather than making only feeble attempts.

To see a candle blow out in your dream implies that you have given up an important part of your personality or character. This item of value has been lost or discarded.
To watch the candle burn down to nothing in your dream symbolizes your attitudes towards losing your youth and sexual attractiveness.

To see a red colored candle in your dream represents a lover or partner that you are currently involved with. You should spend more time with this person in order to determine if this relationship is going in the direction you desire. Then again, perhaps there really is no romantic connection to be found.

Candle Wax  No comments yet

To dream of candle wax implies that you are taking on too much responsibility. You should do a little at a time or you will find yourself physically and emotionally exhausted. It may also represent the days, weeks, or years that have gone by.

Birthday  No comments yet

To dream about your birthday symbolizes your sense of self-esteem. You are honoring yourself as a person, and you totally accept yourself.

Birthday Cake  1 commented on this dream

A birthday cake in a dream means that your desires will be attained. It also signifies that you're comfortable with opening yourself up to other people.

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