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Eating  3 commented on this dream

To dream that you are eating alone suggests a sense of sadness, of being down in the dumps. You could be feeling as though you have been neglected or disowned from certain relationships. Eating can often be seen as trying to fill the void you feel from a lack of friendship or loneliness. This could also represent your wish to become more self-sufficient.

To dream that you are eating with others represents balance, closeness, happiness, prosperity, and successful opportunities.

To dream that you are overeating or undereating suggests that you sense your soul may not be complete. Food may indicate love, companionship, sex, or contentment. Food can signify that you wish to indulge in these aspects. If you are refusing to eat, then you may wish to be more self-reliant.

To dream that someone takes food away before you are done indicates that you may encounter troubles from those that rely on you.

Trespass  No comments yet

To dream that you are trespassing denotes that you are forcing your own ideals on other people. It may also mean that you are attentive and responsive to the needs of some people who wish to be left alone.

Violated  No comments yet

To dream that you have been violated is indicative of your feeling of being trapped or caged in by your waking life. You worry that you have no control over where your life is headed. Consider why you feel this way and determine what, or whom, is caging you in.

Wreck  No comments yet

To dream of a wreck symbolizes barriers and obstacles that stand between you and your goals. You may feel that you are not making any progress and are being held back. Consider what obstacles are present in your waking life.

Adversity  No comments yet

To dream that you are experiencing adversity means that you will experience defeat and enduring misfortune.

To dream of others enduring adversity means that someone close to you may be met with some malady.

Annoy  No comments yet

Feelings of annoyance in a dream mean that enemies are plotting harm.

Annulment  No comments yet

To dream that you are getting an annulment indicates that there is some aspect of your life that you are refusing to face or acknowledge. It may be too painful or disturbing to admit this.

Appear  No comments yet

To dream that something appears out of nowhere indicates that you are limiting your imagination and individuality. You should develop more unique thoughts and ideas. Your emotions should be based on practicality and reason. If you pay attention to the object that is appearing, you will reach a better comprehension of your inner feelings and ideas.

Autopsy  No comments yet

To see an autopsy in a dream means that you are removed from your feelings and are lacking in emotion. This is a signal that it's time to carefully review your behavior.

Cave  No comments yet

To dream that you are walking in a dark cave represents your subconscious mind or the attempt to seek out shelter. It signifies that you are enduring bad fortune or an argument that wasn't foreseen.