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To see a bowl in your dream represents time spent as a fetus in utero. It indicates protection and solace. Pay attention to the state of the bowl and how it is utilized in the dream. This may reflect behaviors and attitudes that are directed to you in your life.

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Bowing to someone in a dream represents respect with acknowledgement of one's defeat. If you bow before an elder, leader or loved one, your dream points to your deep, true respect to the person in waking life. If you are bowing unhappily means you are bowing in defeat without much respect. To recognize the person who you are bowing to in your dream means you have good relation with the person. Dreaming of bowing to an unrecognizable person means your ego has been dented giving you a loss of confidence.

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To dream of bowling represents the aspects within your life that you are hitting or missing, e.g. strikes, gutter balls, etc. If you dream of bowling a poor game, you may have remorse. If you are bowling strikes, then you are moving toward success in your life. This dream could also represent your exceptional abilities or wonderful performance.

To dream that you throw a gutter ball could indicate that you are trapped in a dead end aspect of your life. You need to adjust your current path.

Bowling and bowling alleys could indicate sexual triumph. The pin deck symbolizes the feminine reproductive aspects, as with any dark cave or container, and pins represent masculine tokens.

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Prosperity as a result of good health and vitality is represented by an additional adverse dream if dreaming of affliction in this area of the body. If, however, you dream that your abdomen is uncovered, the opposite is true and forewarns betrayal and disloyalty. This may stem from an individual in whom you confide and cherish. Maximum care should be taken.

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To dream about coming in contact with feces suggests there are certain negative or unclean qualities about your personality that you believe are repulsive to others. You should deal with your feelings and not hide them, regardless of whether they bring you embarrassment or shame. Let go of the negative emotions in life. This dream can also indicate someone in your life who is anal retentive.

To dream that you are unable to dispose of feces indicates that you are not ready to release or reveal your emotions. You tend to keep things bottled up inside.

According to Freud, feces represents pride, shame, economic situations, belligerence, and ownership.

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To dream of a ladle represents happiness and a sense of wholeness you will experience from being around children.

To see a broken ladle in your dream bodes of misery and frustrations in your love life.

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To dream of playing ninepins denotes wasting energy over foolish acts and letting go of opportunities. It also warns you to choose your friends with extreme caution.

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To dream about a toilet indicates a cleansing of thoughts, or discarding something that you don't need any longer.

To dream that a toilet is clogged means that you are being secretive your thoughts. They are crying out to be discharged.

To dream that a toilet is overflowing represents your wish to mentally let yourself go.

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To dream of a violin sound indicates the serenity and calmness your family and you share.

To play the violin in your dreams represents the importance you place on truthfulness and honor. This may foreshadow elaborate rewards in your future.

To dream of a broken violin indicates that you will soon suffer a loss. You may lose a loved one or be separated from friends and family.

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To dream that you are apologizing to someone represents the different relationships that have influenced you throughout your life. It also symbolizes honesty and absolution. You should dissolve feelings of resentment towards others.

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To see an arch in your dream symbolizes those who offer you encouragement and stability in your life.

To dream that you are passing under an arch indicates that new doors are opening in your life that offer you options and decisions. The path you are traveling on is unlike any that you are familiar with.

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To dream of archery indicates that you are organizing the objective and course of your life. It suggests fulfillment of your ambitions.

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To dream about a ball represents symmetry and fullness. You may need to pay more attention to your inner youth.

To dream about watching a ball game suggests that you should accept more self-motivation. This could be a result of your introverted nature that you must overcome. Your self-image could be low.