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Bear  1 commented on this dream

To dream about being attacked by a bear suggests that boldness and mounting barriers in your way. You could possibly be placed in a dangerous situation. Bears represent the cycle of life. This could signify a moment in your life that requires self-analysis and deep thought. This dream could also be the homonym of 'bare', indicating that you might have to 'bare your soul' and reveal yourself openly.

To dream about a polar bear represents a reawakening.

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To dream about a long beard is symbolic of the wisdom that comes with age.

If a woman dreams that she has a beard, it represents her desire to be more manly and powerful.

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If you love animals and despise hunting of animals, dreaming of a bear trap means you have such a strong distaste about issues involving animal cruelty.
If you are not an animal activist or careless about the sport of hunting, a bear trap dream indicates a difficult time lies ahead and you would struggle to overcome it.

Teddy Bear  1 commented on this dream

To dream of receiving or seeing a teddy bear is indicative of your inner self. Some event or person has caused you to regress to childhood. You may be feeling lost. You can find no comfort in companionship. You are searching for someone to take care of you. It may also be nothing more than a pleasant childhood memory.

Conversely, the teddy bear may be a reminder that your relationship is still young and needs time to develop.

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To dream that you are embracing your lover warns of arguments, misunderstandings, or a differing of opinion due to a lack of faithfulness.

To dream that you embrace a stranger indicates that an unwanted person will visit.

To dream about embracing family suggests that they may become ill or they are not satisfied.

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To dream of being kidnapped symbolizes that you feel your freedom is being threatened. You need to remain calm and focused on your goals, despite someone attempting to deter or distract you.

A dream in which someone you know is kidnapped indicates that the person possesses qualities that you are choosing not to display yourself.

Kidnapping another person in a dream denotes that you are unfairly and forcibly holding on to something in your life. This may be as simple as your observations or outlooks.

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To dream of mace implies that you are struggling with impartiality and prejudice. You make decisions based on facts and practicality rather than intuition.

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To dream that you are packing signifies a new and significant beginning. This means you are leaving old relationships and issues behind. It may also signify the burdens you carry in real life.

To dream that you are repetitively packing and unpacking signifies confusion in your life. You have too much on your plate, and you are overwhelmed by the burdens you face. Try to arrange your priorities - establish the habit of taking care of the more important tasks so you may be able to finally move on and act on matters which will bring greater impact in your life.

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To dream of a panda suggests an uncompromising attitude. You need to enter into an amicable compromise for the satisfaction of all parties involved.

To dream of a panda may also symbolize your childhood personality traits. It may also represent something that is cuddly.

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To dream of a placenta hints of an aspect in your life that serves no purpose, or has outgrown its purpose. You are being wakened to relieve yourself of the unnecessary load.

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To dream of a rosebush signifies prosperity.

A dead rosebush foretells that bad luck or illness might strike you or a family member.

Shave  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are shaving represents your need to make a small alteration in some aspect of your life. A part of your normal everyday ritual is changing. It may also indicate that you possess a very stanch position and may be too hard on yourself.

To dream that someone is shaving your leg symbolizes an unwanted feeling of reliance on someone or something. Your individuality is being compromised and you are depending on others to help you out of a situation. What you need to do is lift yourself up and be more positive, secure, and confident.

To see someone shaving in your dream suggests that the person you are showing to others is merely a facade and doesn't represent your true personality.

To dream that you are shaving your head signifies your need to be more open and honest with others. If you leave some hair on your head, then this means that you aren't yet comfortable with revealing all aspects of your personality. You are concerned about the opinions of others. The remaining hair represents a remaining wall of defense.

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To dream of your own stomach implies that you will be facing transformations and alterations. Perhaps you are reluctant for these transformations to occur. It may also reflect your feelings of distaste towards someone or something. The stomach is normally associated with our feelings.

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To dream that you are testifying signifies validity, or at least something that you accept as the truth.