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To dream that someone or something is evil suggests that there is a dark and disguised part of yourself. This aspect could be desiring release or recognition. On the other end, evil can indicate the hostile and powerful feelings that you hold.

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To dream of trolls indicates that you are suffering from an inferiority complex. Or it may signify that you have poor regard about the abilities and capabilities of others. The troll in your dream may represent someone in your waking life that you need to distance yourself from.

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To dream that you hear or set off an alarm means that you are confused about something, and perhaps worried that you have made a wrong move.

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To dream about a clock represents the significance of time, or that time may not be on your side. You may be stressing about a deadline or some other time-sensitive matter. You need to pick up the pace in life. Clocks also indicate death, especially if the clock has ceased turning. This is common among those surrounded by those with terminal conditions.

To dream that the clock is running backwards, runs concurrent with the way you feel your life is moving. You feel as though you haven't done anything important with your life or that you are currently stuck in the same place. Dreaming of a clock can also represent the human heart and how its beats are like the seconds of a clock. This would be representative of your sentimental side.

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If you are able to see your breath in a dream and it does not appear to be cold, consider what you are about to reveal in waking life. This doesn't mean disclose it verbally, it refers to something you will declare with your own actions or choices. Your subconscious mind is calling attention to what might come out of you before you've had the chance to divulge something.
If your breath is heavy or shallow, consider what kind of air you've been taking in and what type of people you have been surrounding yourself with.
Having trouble with your breath is a symbol of stale air, ideas, people, or situations.

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To dream that you are breathing rapidly implies that some issue in your life is causing you great worry or concern.

To dream that you are breathing underwater refers to your time spent as a fetus in utero. You wish to unburden yourself from the pressures of your adult life. You want to be released from obligations and stress. It's possible that you feel vulnerable and need someone to care of you.

You may be too caught up in your personal feelings and feel like you are drowning under the pressure.

To dream that you are holding your breath implies that you possess a strong will and are persistent and rigid in your beliefs and opinions. Perhaps the dream is suggesting that you should consider other points of view.

To dream that you cannot breathe reflects fatigue that you are experiencing.
To dream that you have bad breath implies that you are not being completely honest with yourself or other people

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To dream that you are stealing implies that there is a deficit or void in some aspect of your life. Pay attention to where you are stealing from. This can suggest what you are lacking. Your ambitions are not being fulfilled. It can also indicate that you are reaching for unrealistic objectives.

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Hearing an alarm bell in a dream represents something that is causing you great concern. It may involve a circumstance that happened without warning and forces you to react quickly.

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Dreaming of bad breath indicates a fear of intimacy or getting any closer to a particular person or situation. To dream that you are the one with bad breath indicates that you are holding back out of fear. Dreaming that someone else has the bad breath suggests that another may be withholding from you also out of fear. In your waking life, look for irrational fear surrounding a situation and resolve it or understand that this is not for you at this time and let it go. On a more physical level, a dream that includes breathing of any kind is also a reminder to breathe with more consciousness regardless, and begin to uplift your general existence.

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To dream of an alarm clock is your unconscious letting you know that an important time is drawing near.
To dream of the clock going off but you are not responding is a reminder to keep to your appointments in the near future so as not to miss a vital piece of information.
Dreaming of an alarm clock that doesn't work shows that you may not be valuing another's time and effort could be made to show that you are in fact grateful for all that they do for you.

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To dream of cold air symbolizes problems in your home life and difficulties with finances. You could be close to detaching yourself from the real world.

To dream about breathing hot air symbolizes malevolent forces surrounding you.

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To dream of badness is indicating that you need to address stress levels. Try a new activity as a way of keeping yourself calm and aware in life. If you see badness in a dream, you may be suffering from a high level of anxiety in your life without being conscious of it. Look into bringing those levels down before they get out of control. If the badness in your dream is in direct relation to an obvious life circumstance then examine your waking life to find the solution and release the stress around it.

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To dream that you feel fear represents that the things you have accomplished in life will not mean as much in the end. You are fearful about certain events transpiring around you.

**Please See Scared.

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To dream about time reflects concerns about dealing with anxiety and apprehension.

To dream that there isn't enough time symbolizes worry and concern. It could literally mean that you are facing a deadline to get something completed.

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Many people are brought up to believe that hell is the ultimate punishment and a certain end for 'bad people.'

To dream of hell is usually accompanied by magnified feelings of fear and uneasiness. One interpretation of such a dream is that you're having endless problems

Another is that you no longer have control over your life. A burning hell can signify the inescapable old feelings of guilt and shame, as if you're punishing yourself. You need to get over these emotions and find ways to solve your issues.

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To dream of a year passing is a specific indication of an important milestone in your waking life. Take note of other aspects of your dream, as there may be cause for celebration in your life.

To dream of someone acknowledging one year suggests it is time to review your life and give thanks and credit to whom it is due.

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To dream that you are in panic indicates powerlessness in controlling some aspects in your life. Forces aligning against make you feel helpless and unable to act with conviction.

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To dream of Satan indicates that an aspect in your life is being influenced by immorality and malevolence.

*See Devil

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To dream of seeing ticks tells you that some person or situation is depleting your stamina. It could also represent a pun on being 'ticked off' - angry or disturbed.

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To dream about hearing a bell signifies a notice or a signal to come to order. This could also be your subconscious telling you that you need to be ready for what's coming. If the bells refuse to cease, you are undergoing severe anxiety.